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Nigerian music has its beat from Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation and the place where you can find the largest concentration of musicians in Africa. There is a lot of music talent and rising number of recognized stars. Nigerian music is going global.

You can search for online Nigerian music using this site by quering with the track and artist name in the search box provided.

Nigerian music comes from the African spirit and it's a bit different from western music since it has its roots in Africa.

Musicians in Nigeria have come a log way from pre-colonial times in the 1950s to our current day. Some legendary songs are still popular and new ones are generating waves through online media.

Some types of Nigerian music

  • Reggae
  • Hi life
  • Juju
  • Afrobeat
  • Hip hop
  • Gospel

Where a majority of Nigerian music cds are sold on CD

  • Most streets in cities across Nigeria
  • Open unregulated markets
  • African neigbourhoods in UK and US

Nigerian music is now available on a number of websites offering them online for downloads including amazon and itunes. Just do a web search to find them.

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